Erasmus+ Program CALL for Students Mobilities for STUDIES and TRAINEESHIP, ac. year 2024-2025

Erasmus+ Program KA131

CALL for Students Mobilities for STUDIES and TRAINEESHIP, ac. year 2024-2025

Deadline for submitting the application is 25th March 2024 ( )
Deadline for sending the letter of acceptance to the UoC International Relations Department is 30/06/2024

For more info, please contact:
– Ms E. Apanomeritaki, for Rethymno Campus (email: tel. 28310 77723)
– Ms A. Tzanaki, for Heraklion Campus – School of Sciences and Engineering (email: tel. 2810 393446)
– Ms S. Vasilaki, for Heraklion Campus – School of Medicine (email: tel. 2810 394010)

The International Relations Departments