Post-doctoral research

Post-doctoral researchers are holders of a doctorate, or of an officially recognized equivalent from foreign institutions, who have chosen the Department as a host institution to carry out post-doctoral research, because of the Department’s relevance to their subject of research, irrespective of the provenance of their funding. Eligible candidates for post-doctoral research are those who have received their doctorate within a decade from the time they apply for the post-doctoral status.

Prospective post-doctoral researchers should communicate with a member of staff who will agree to act as their supervisor and then apply to the Department’s General Meeting, submitting a detailed plan of the research project.

The post-doctoral researcher will present the outcomes of their research to the Department and submit a written report of the results upon completion.

Every post-doctoral researcher has to submit to the University Library whatever publications come out of their research and upload any digital outcome on the University web-page.

For more information, see the University of Crete Policy on Post-Doctoral Researchers (in greek).