Information regarding the department’s structure and administration.


Head of Department: Pavlina Karanastasi – Professor

Tel.: 28310 77335, email:




Deputy Head of Department: Socrates Petmezas – Professor

Tel.: 28310 77366, email:




Secretary: Stavroula Kritikaki, Tel.: 28310 77336, email:

Administrative staff:

Vassiliki Kasimi, [for undergraduate studies]

Tel.: 28310 77337, email:




Anastasia Tzanoudaki [for postgraduate-doctoral studies], Tel.: 28310 77379, email:


Fax: 0030-28310-77338


The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete consists of the following four sectors:

The Sector of Ancient and Medieval History explores the history of the ancient Mediterranean world, with a particular focus on ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe and Byzantium, as well as the era of Latin rule over the Greek lands in late medieval and early modern times.

Director: Eleni Sakellariou

The Sector of Modern History studies the history of the modern and contemporary world, with an emphasis on the history of Greek society in recent centuries and its relations with Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Director: Yiannis Kokkinakis 

The Sector of Archaeology and Art History studies Prehistoric, Classical and Byzantine Archaeology in the Aegean and the wider Mediterranean area, as well as the history of western art.

Director: Christina Tsigonaki

The Sector of Oriental and African Studies explores the history of Asia, with an emphasis on Turkish and Arabic history, as well as the history of Africa since the emergence of Islam.

Director: Pavlina Karanastasi (in her capacity as head of department)


Committee of Teaching Planning: Antonis Anastasopoulos, Dimitrios Bosnakis, Panayotis Ioannou, Christina Tsigonaki, Eleftheria Zei

Committee of Internal Evaluation (ΟΜΕΑ): Socrates Petmezas (Coordinator), Pavlina Karanastasi, Elias Kolovos, Kostas Vlassopoulos, Yiannis Kokkinakis, Titina Kornezou, Ariadne Gazi

Directors of Programs of Postgraduate Studies: Ancient Mediterranean World – History and Archaeology: Nena Galanidou, Byzantine and Medieval Studies: Antonis Anastasopoulos, Ottoman History: Elias Kolovos, Contemporary European and Greek History: Socrates Petmezas, Art History: Eugenios D. Matthiopoulos

Committee of Maintenance and Security: Nena Galanidou, Panayotis Ioannou, Eleftheria Zei

International relations-Erasmus: Konstantinos Moustakas

Internet and departmental web-page: Ariadne Gazi