Employment options

Graduates of the Department of History & Archeology can be hired in the public and private sector, in positions related to their studies, both in Greece and abroad. They can work mainly, but not exclusively

  • as archaeologists in the Archeological Service of the Ministry of Culture

  • as teachers in every level of education and training. For those who wish to work in Secondary Education, it is compulsory to possess a Certificate of Teaching Qualification.

  • as researchers in research or cultural institutions

  • in libraries, art galleries, museums and archives, but also in newspapers and journals, publishing houses and other organizations, in positions related to their fields of study.

  • as higher administrative employees in Public Administration, in Local and Regional Administration (OTA) and in other public institutions, after qualifying in the examinations run by ASEP.

  • as guides for historical sites, monuments and museums, after taking a Tourist Guide Intensive Τraining Program or attending the Tour Guide School, both run jointly by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

For further information contact also: Office of Contact & Liaison, University of Crete