Student advocate

The Student Advocate is a university service which mediates between students and academic staff, or between students and university administrative authorities. The Student Advocate generally ensures the observation of existing rules and laws in regards to student affairs, while ensuring respect for academic freedom and the undisturbed operation of academic activities. The Student Advocate may intervene either on their own initiative or upon invitation by the students concerned. The Advocate investigates relevant cases involving students and intervenes between university authorities for their resolution. The Advocate is entitled to request from university authorities any necessary information, document or other evidence relevant to the cases, to carry out personal examinations and inspections, and to order an expert report. If the Student Advocate discovers any breach of existing rules, or any disruption of the university functions, they will have recourse to every possible means in order to resolve the issue. Student Advocates have no competence in matters of academic examinations or grading.

The position of Student Advocate in the University of Crete is held by Mr Haralambos Katerinopoulos, Emeritus Professor of the University.


Em. Prof. Haralambos Katerinopoulos

Telephone: 2810 39 5026


Students can submit their requests through email to: