Sklavokambos excavation (1st per. 01-16/06/2024, 2nd per. 16/06-06/07/2024), statement of interest until 19/05/2024

This year, the second excavation season (five-year research project 2023-2027) at the site of Sklavokambos in Gonies (Malevizi, Herakleion) will take place in two separate periods, for which you are called to express interest according to your availability:

a) Sat 01/06/2024-Sun 16/06/2024 (two full weeks, including weekends), primarily for students with some prior excavation experience,
b) Sun 16/06/2024-Sat 06/07/2024 (three full weeks, including weekends), primarily for students without prior excavation experience.

The excavation is run by assist. prof. Artemis Karnava, to whom you can address queries by writing to <>.

The initial statement of interest (fill in here, until 19/05:, registration to Delos 365 is required) does by no means constitute commitment on the part of the person interested, nor the excavator’s director. The form will close on Sunday, 19/05/2024, and subsequently there will be a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 21/05/2024 (exact time and link will be emailed to the people submitting the form), where all the eventual queries will be addressed and details on the organisation of our stay will be provided.