CALL for Students Mobilities for TRAINEESHIP, ac. year 2023-2024

Erasmus+ Program KA131

CALL for Students Mobilities for TRAINEESHIP, ac. year 2023-2024

Deadline for submitting the application is 28th March 2024 ( )
Deadline for sending the letter of acceptance to the UoC International Relations Department is 12th April 2024
Please note, the mobility should end by 30th July 2024!

For more info, please contact:
– Ms E. Apanomeritaki, for Rethymno Campus (email: tel. +30 28310 77723)
– Ms A. Tzanaki, for Heraklion Campus – School of Sciences and Engineering (email: tel. +30 2810 393446)
– Ms S. Vasilaki, for Heraklion Campus – School of Medicine (email: tel. +30 2810 394010)

The International Relations Departments