The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete operates as an autonomous department in the Faculty of Letters since the academic year 1983-1984.

From its foundation, it comprises four sectors: the sector of Ancient and Medieval History, the sector of Modern History, the sector of Archaeology and Art History, and the sector of Oriental and African Studies.

The department’ teaching is characterised by two important features:

First, there are no obligatory modules, in the sense that students can freely choose which modules to attend among those offered within each particular field; moreover, module conveners cannot repeat a module within a period of three years. In this way, students are guaranteed to always have the option of choosing between several modules.

Second, the department has instituted seminar courses, which are attended by a limited number of students (20-25). Seminars aim to familiarize students with the principles of scientific research, with finding and handling the relevant bibliography, with the process of synthesis based on a scientific question, and more generally with developing their critical thinking.

The Department has proudly built on the legacy of its founding members, which included eminent historians, archaeologists and art historians, such as Nikos Svoronos, Vasilis Kremmydas, Nikos Chatzinikolaou and many others.

An important place in our past and present is occupied by the Departmental archaeological research and activities, among which the excavation at the site of ancient Eleutherna is the oldest (since 1985) and largest.

– Margarita Dritsa, Assistant Professor in Modern History

– Hagen Fleischer, Professor Emeritus in Modern and Contemporary Greek and European History

– Gianis Gianoulopoulos, Lecturer in Modern History

– Dimitrios Goutas, Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies

– Kanto Isichaki-Fatourou†, Professor in Art History

– Athanasia Kanta, Assistant Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology

– Anna Kartsoni, Professor in Byzantine Art

Antonia Kioussopoulou, Professor in Byzantine History

– Vasilis Kremmydas, Professor in Modern History

– Dimitris Kyrtatas, Professor in Ancient History

– Dimitris Lazaridis†, Professor in Classical Archaeology

– Chrysa Maltezou, Professor in Medieval History

– Giorgos Margaritis, Professor in Contemporary History

– Ioannis Markakis, Professor in the History of Africa

– Anna Misiou†, Associate Professor in Ancient History

– Styliani Papadaki-Oekland†, Professor in Byzantine Archaeology

– Nikolas Pharaklas, Professor Emeritus in Classical Archaeology

– Anastasia Sergidou, Assistant Professor in Ancient History

– Petros Themelis, Professor in Classical Archaeology

– Eleni Zymi, Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology

–  Anna Avramea†, Professor in Byzantine History

– Nikolas Pharaklas†, Professor in Classical Archaeology

– Nikos Chatzinikolaou, Professor in Art History 

– Thanasis Kalpaxis†, Professor in Classical Archaeology 

– Iris Tzachili, Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology 

– Christos Loukos, Professor in Modern History 

– Olga Gratziou, Professor in Byzantine Archaeology

– Christos Chatziiosif, Professor in Modern History 

– Vasilis Dimitriadis, Professor in Ottoman Studies

– Elisabeth Zachariadou†, Professor in Ottoman Studies

Efi Avdela, Professor of Contemporary History

Aglaia Kasdagli, Professor of Medieval (Western) History

Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis, Professor of Classical Archaeology

Katerina Kopaka, Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology

– Nikolaos Platon†, Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology, Aristotle University of Thessalonica and University of Crete

– Philippos Iliou†, Historian

– Jean-Pierre Vernant†, Professor of Ancient Greek History, Collège de France, Paris

– Henri van Effenterre†, Professor in Archaeology, Université Paris I, Sorbonne

– Anthony Molho, Emeritus Professor in European History, Brown University and European University Institute of in Florence

1986-1987       Thanasis Kalpaxis, Professor in Classical Archaeology 

1987-1989       Dimitrios Goutas, Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies

1989                  Nikolas Pharaklas, Professor in Classical Archaeology

1990-1991       Thanasis Kalpaxis, Professor in Classical Archaeology

1991-1993       Nikolaos Stampolidis, Professor in Classical Archaeology

1993-1995       Elisabeth Zachariadou†, Professor in Ottoman Studies

1995-1996       Styliani Papadaki-Oekland†, Professor in Byzantine Archaeology

1996-1998       Christos Chatziiosiph, Professor in Modern History

1998-2000       Olga Gratziou, Professor in Byzantine Archaeology

2000-2001       Nikos Chatzinikolaou, Professor in Art History

2001-2004       Christos Chatziiosiph, Professor in Modern History

2004-2008       Christos Loukos, Professor in Modern History

2008-2010       Efi Avdela, Professor in Contemporary History

2010-2014       Socrates Petmezas, Professor in Economic and Social History

2014-2016       Antonia Kiousopoulou, Professor in Byzantine History

2016-2018       Efi Avdela, Professor in Contemporary History

2018-2022       Pavlina Karanastasi, Professor in Classical Archaeology