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European Medieval History
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Short descriptions of coures offered, spring term 2018/19

(ΙΜCH 229) Christian and secular society in medieval Europe (Lecture course)
The course will concentrate on the interaction between the Church and religion on the one hand and secular society on the other hand during the Middle Ages (5th – 15th centuries). Particular reference will be made to the role of Christianity and the Church in the formation of institutions, attitudes and perceptions in medieval society, but also to the institution of kingship during the Middle Ages in the West. The aim of the course is the understanding of the factors that shaped medieval European civilization in the context of examining the interaction between the Church and the “State” during the Middle Ages.

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(ΙΜCH 335) Social unrest and reversal in the central and late Middle Ages (Seminar)
The course will focus mainly on the impact of economic and demographic fluctuations on the social structures, values ​​and attitudes of Medieval Europe between the middle of the 10th and the 15th century. Six thematic modules will be covered, through which the topics of the written papers that the students must deliver at the end of the semester will be chosen. Particular emphasis will be made on the 14th century demographic and economic crisis, on the revolts (rural, urban) of the late Middle Ages, and their impact on the political, social and economic structures of Medieval Europe, but also on the formation of ideologies, attitudes and perceptions in Medieval society.

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