The department hosts a number of laboratories that support various research activities.

The Laboratory of Prehistoric Archaeology was founded in 2000 and is directed by Professor Katerina Kopaka. It is housed in Room 67A of the Departmental Buildings. It includes laboratory equipment (furniture & essential apparatus: microscope, PC & video unit, minor tools, paper case etc.), as well as a series of small collections from donations, experimental constructions and samples of geological, paleontological, botanical and osteological objects. The laboratory is used for training undergraduate and postgraduate students in Prehistoric Archaeology, as well as for interdisciplinary activities, like the collection and study of environmental materials. The laboratory is a major tool for applied and theoretical research in Prehistoric Archaeology and other interdisciplinary fields (island archaeology, environmental archaeology etc.).

The Laboratory of Byzantine Archaeology and Art was founded in 1999 and is directed by Assistant Professor Vassiliki Foskolou. It is housed in Room 65B of the Departmental Buildings. It includes laboratory equipment (furniture and basic apparatus: PC unit, A3 scanner, designing stylus, minor tools, library etc.), as well as training collections of Byzantine pottery, a photographic archive of Cretan Byzantine churches, and a collection of rocks and other materials. The Laboratory supports and reinforces the teaching and educational goals of the Postgraduate Program in Byzantine and Medieval Studies and trains undergraduate students in the workshop’s collections. It is particularly important for research in materials, techniques and expertise in Byzantium, as well as various other areas in Byzantine archaeology and art history.

The Laboratory for the Conservation of Archaeological Finds  was founded in 1986 and is directed by Professor Pavlina Karanastasi. It is housed in a refurbished building (Neophytou Patelarou and Patriarchou Grigoriou Street) in the Old Town of Rethymno, which belongs to the Sector of Archaeology and Art History. Its primary purpose is the study and conservation of archaeological finds from the Departmental excavations and the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in recording, selecting and conserving the mobile archaeological finds.

The Laboratory ‘Collections of Plaster Casts and Originals for Student Training’ was founded in 2002. It is administered for the academic year 2017-18 by Associate Professor Nena Galanidou . The laboratory is housed in the Research and Study Centre (KEME) of the University of Crete.

The Laboratory of Contemporary History was founded in 1998 and is directed by Assistant Professor Eleftheria Zei. It is housed in Room 30 of the Departmental Buildings. The laboratory is used for the educational and research activities of the staff and students of the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Contemporary European and Greek History. Postgraduate students are invited to use the laboratory and its facilities for their research and other academic activities. The facilities include: microfilm and microfiche reading machines, Photocopy and scanning appliances, PCs and printer.

Tel.: +30 28310 77369-70

The Laboratory of Ancient History is directed by Assistant Professors Katerina Panagopoulou and Kostas Vlassopoulos. It is housed in Room 17 of the Departmental Buildings. It provides working space and IT equipment for the MA and doctoral students in ancient history.