Academic Advisors

The academic advisors inform and advise students on every aspect concerning their studies, especially the curriculum, and are at the disposal of students throughout the academic year.

Academic advisors also act as intermediaries between students and the University Services, such as the Student Counselling Centre.

Academic Advisors for the academic year 2020-21, office hours

Panayotis Ioannou

On sabbatical during spring semester 2021

Ttitina Kornezou

Tuesday 16.00-17.00, Thursday 10.00-11.00 through the TEAMS programme

Demetrios Kyritses

By email ( or meet following appointment

Kostas Vlassopoulos

Monday 16.30-17.30, Tuesday 16.30-17.30 through the TEAMS programme

Academic Advisors for first-year students, academic year 2020/21

First-year students are alphabetically divided into groups of 20-25 students and a faculty member is assigned to guide and support each group, as follows (click on the name of each advisor to see their office hours):

A. AnastasopoulosΑ-Β
K. VlassopoulosΓ-Ζ
A. GaziΘ-Κελ
E. ZeiΚι-Λ
P. KaranastasiΜ
E. KolovosΝ-Π
K. PanagopoulouΡ-Σ
E. SakellariouT
Ch. TsigonakiΦ-Ψ