The Department of History and Archaeology aims to teach our students about the past of human societies, through the methods of history and archaeology, as well as related methods of research. While our primary emphasis focuses on the long-term history and archaeology of the Greek area, we also research and teach on the history of other European and eastern Mediterranean societies. The courses offered include subjects like medieval and modern European history, Ottoman history and the history of western art. We are particularly keen to familiarize our students with the contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches of the disciplines of history, archaeology and art history, in order to enhance their critical thinking.
The Department has been evaluated in 2010 by the Quality Assurance Authority (Α.ΔΙ.Π.) and met all criteria required to be regarded as a Centre of Excellence (See: Report of External Evaluation).

Latest Announcements

Learning to paint like the Ancient Greeks

On May 26, 2023, an educational seminar on ancient Greek painting was organized by our Department, at the initiative of teaching fellow Dr. Anastasios Kakamanoudis. The...

Krannon Excavation 2023

The excavation of ancient Krannon, carried out by the University of Crete, under the direction of Professor of Classical Archeology Dimitrios Bosnakis, will take place...