Evi Gorogianni

Visiting Professor, Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program
Associate Chair, The University of Akron, Department of Anthropology
E-mail: Evi.Gorogianni[at]ia[dot]uoc[dot]gr
Office No.: 74
Telephone: +30 28310 77364

Dr. Gorogianni is a specialist in the study of interregional contact and redefinitions of identities (i.e., status, gender, ethnic/cultural and religious) approached through the lens of material culture.

She is co-director of the Ayia Irini Northern Sector Archaeological Project, an international, multi-disciplinary project that studies the phenomenon of Minoanization, i.e., culture change that Aegean communities experienced and actively participated in during the Middle and Late Bronze Age through contact with the Minoan communities. She and her co-director, Dr. Rodney D. Fitzsimons, coordinate a team of specialists whose goal is to deconstruct the phenomenon of Minoanization and thus achieve a better understanding that moves past grand narratives and emphasizes the human factor and local perspectives.

Research Interests: The Archaeology of Interregional Contact, Migration studies, Gender Archaeology, Material Culture Studies, History of Greek Archaeology, GIS, Aegean Archaeology