Artemis Karnava

On sabbatical during spring semester 2023-24

Assistant Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology
E-mail: karnava[at]uoc[dot]gr
Office No.: 75
Telephone: 2831077365
Office hours: Send message to karnava[at]uoc[dot]gr for an appointment.

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She has a BA from the Department of History and Archaeology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1993), an MA from the Department of Archaeology of the University of Sheffield in the UK (1995) and a PhD with a thesis on the Cretan Hieroglyphic script of the 2nd mill. BC from the Free University of Brussels in Belgium (2000). Between 1993 and 2012 she excavated in different archaeological sites in Greece as a contract archaeologist for the Greek Ministry of Culture. She taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Crete (2008, 2011) and has carried out post-doctoral research at the universities of Cambridge (2003) and Vienna (2012-2014). She was a research collaborator at the Greek National Research Foundation (2007-2008) and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (2016-2018), where she was one of the editors of the corpus of Cypriot syllabic inscriptions of the 1st mill. BC for the Inscriptiones Graecae project.

Research interests: the archaeology and epigraphy of the eastern Mediterranean from the 3rd to the 1st mill. BC.


Selected publications:


Seals, sealings and seal impressions from Akrotiri in Thera, Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel, Beiheft 10, CMS Heidelberg 2018 (

Edited volume of inscriptions of the Cypriot syllabary of the 1st mill. BC:

A. Karnava & M. Perna, adiuvante M. Egetmeyer, Inscriptiones Graecae. Volumen XV. Inscriptiones Cypri. Pars I. Inscriptiones Cypri Syllabicae. Fasciculus I. Inscriptiones Amathuntis, Curii, Marii, De Gruyter, Berlin-New York 2020.


«Celestial bodies in the sky and on the earth in the Aegean Bronze Age», H. Meller, A. Reichenberger, R. Risch (eds.), Zeit ist Macht. Wer macht Zeit?/Time is power. Who makes time? 13. Mittledeutscher Archäologentag/13th Archaeological Conference of central Germany, Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle 24, 2021, 181-195.

«Ελληνικά αρχαιολογικά μουσεία στον 21ο αιώνα: ποιος είναι ο κλειδοκράτορας;», Ariadne 27, 2021, 189-205.

«Old inscriptions, new readings: a god for the Rantidi sanctuary in South-West Cyprus», Cahiers du Centre d’Études Chypriotes 49 (2019) 2020, 19-36.

M. Iacovou & A. Karnava, «An administrative ostrakon from Kouklia-Hadjiabdoullah», Cahiers du Centre d’Études Chypriotes 49 (2019) 2020, 37-52.

A. Karnava & I. Nikolakopoulou, «More oikoi at Akrotiri, Thera: physical and social landscape in the new north/north-west neighbourhood of the LB I settlement», in M. Relaki, J. Driessen (eds.), OIKOS. Archaeological Approaches to House Societies in the Bronze Age Aegean, Aegis 19, Louvain 2020, 237-255.

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A. Karnava, E. Kolia & E. Margaritis, «A Classical/Hellenistic oil pressing installation in Foti-Vroskopos, Keos», in A. Diler, K. Şenol & Ü. Aydınoğlu (eds.), Olive oil and wine production in Eastern Mediterranean during antiquity, International Symposium Proceedings, 17-19 November 2011, Urla, Turkey, İzmir 2015, 107-123.

«In the land of Lilliput: writing in the Bronze Age Aegean», World Archaeology 47.1: Miniaturization, 2015, 137-157.

E. Skafida, A. Karnava & J.-P. Olivier, «Two new Linear B tablets from the site of Kastro-Palaia in Volos», in P. Carlier, Ch. de Lamberterie, M. Egetmeyer, N. Guilleux, Fr. Rougemont & J. Zurbach (eds.), Études mycéniennes 2010. Actes du XIIIe colloque international sur les textes égéens, Sèvres, Paris, Nanterre, 20-23 septembre 2010, Biblioteca di “Pasiphae” X, Pisa-Roma 2012, 55-73.

«Written and stamped records in the Late Bronze Age Cyclades: the sea journeys of an administration», in N. Brodie, J. Doole, G. Gavalas & C. Renfrew (eds.), Horizon. A colloquium on the prehistory of the Cyclades, McDonald Institute Monographs-Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Cambridge 2008, 377-386.