Detailed instructions for the enrollment procedures in the Department and for the University IT services

Enrolling in the Department

Students can submit an electronic application for their enrollment through the electronic application of the Ministry of Education at the electronic address Students should use the same password which they have used to access the online Registration application.

For technical support, students can get in touch with their secondary school. When accessing the enrollment website, they will find a detailed user’s manual. After the completion of the electronic enrollment, the Department will verify the students’ personal information, check the supporting documentation that students have submitted, and complete the enrollment. In case the Departmental Office requires supplementary documentation, they will explain the reasons to the students affected.

Receiving the certificate of electronic enrollment

Having completed the electronic enrollment, students will have to appear in person to the Departmental Office with their identity card before the deadline set by the Office, in order to collect the username and password, which they will use to access the University IT services.

By following the announcements on the Department’s website, students will be informed about the dates and the procedures for receiving their student registration number and student card, as well as information for accessing the University IT services. The Departmental website contains a permanent link to the site of the Office of Student Affairs (student services in regards to student accommodation and meals)

For information about enrollment procedures and documentation, students can also contact the telephone number 28310-77337, from 09.00 to 13.00 every day​.

First-year students having registered through the electronic system of enrollment are invited to appear in person to the Departmental Office and

a. submit the supporting documents mentioned below, either in person or through a legally authorized representative, within dates to be defined after the announcement of the period of electronic enrollment by the Ministry of Education.

b. receive their passwords and registration certificates.

Supporting documents:

1) An application for registration and an official statement, both printed from the electronic application, signed and authenticated by a public authority/service (Attention: authentication of signature is not needed if the application is submitted by the applicants in person).

2) One (1) photocopy of the student’s identity card or passport (concurrent presentation of the original identity card or passport is also required).

3) One (1) personal colored photograph, in the format used for the issuance of identity cards or passports.

Submission of documents by students who cannot appear in person:

Under extraordinary circumstances, students unable to appear in person to the Departmental Office should contact their local Citizens’ Service Center (ΚΕP), in order to authenticate their application to the Departmental Office and the photocopy of their identity card/passport. The above documents should be sent to the Department by post or Courier. The Department will return the relevant documents and passwords to the address provided by the student through post (or by courier, charged to the student).

The address of the Department is:

Departmental Office,

Department of History & Archeology, University of Crete,

Rethymno 74100, Crete.

Information desk tel. 0030-28310 77336-37.

Supplementary documentation, if needed:

Birth Certificate – Army Registration Certificate (which students can receive from their Municipality or from a Citizens’ Services Center (KEP) and which will contain the student’s Army registration number (only for male students, compulsory for obtaining deferral of army service).

Special Educational Needs form, concerning persons who suffer from severe health conditions, or with special educational needs (it concerns ONLY those students who WILL NOT be able to appear in person; all other students which require to fill in this form will be presented with it upon registration in person at the Departmental Office).

We also inform you that medical tests and reports are no longer required for student enrollment.

After having completed the enrollment procedure, you will receive from the Departmental Office a student registration number, a registration certificate for any legal use (e.g. to be submitted to your insurance company, the IRS etc). Male students will receive a certificate for obtaining deferral of army service, to be submitted to the Army Registry Office.

Important note:

Authentication of photocopies is no longer required; you just have to submit simple copies of your documents. For that purpose, it is useful to keep the original and reproduce copies when needed.

You will also receive two printed forms containing the codes of access to electronic services:

-1. A form with “Instructions for the activation of Electronic Services accounts”, containing personal information (Departmental Registration Number, University Registration Number, Key Number) in order to activate and set your personal security code (password). Attention: activation of your account is possible the day after your final enrollment, but your account is ready to use one day after its activation.

2. A form with Access Codes for electronic registration”. This will provide you with a username and password for access to the website http:// where you will be able to register modules electronically, see the modules you have passed and your grades etc. Attention: these codes do not require activation.

Note: the above certificates-documents can be received from the Departmental Office by the students themselves or by their legally authorized representative. They can also be delivered by courier service (charged to the student).