Programs of post-graduate studies

The Department places particular emphasis on research expertise at the postgraduate level. Departmental graduates have the necessary qualifications for attending postgraduate studies. The Department offers five postgraduate programs, as well as doctorate programs in History, Archaeology and Art History.

Between 1993/4 and 2017/18 the Department of History and Archaeology operated a postgraduate program on Turkish Studies.

Between 1998/9 and 2002/3 the Department of History and Archaeology and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete operated an interdepartmental postgraduate program on ‘Systems of cultural data and cultural heritage management’.

Ancient Mediterranean World - History and Archaeology

The Graduate Studies Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World-History and Archeology consists of the three major collaborating courses –Ancient History, Classical archeology and Prehistoric Archeology—particularly concerning early, prehistoric and protohistoric, hellenic and roman Antiquity. 

Byzantine and Medieval Studies

Byzantine and Medieval Studies Graduate Program aims at broadening knowledge and study of Medieval World’s history and civilization, including Byzantium and Western Europe, as well as  northern Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean areas, when necessary.

Joint English-language M.A. Program in Ottoman History

The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete and the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas run a joint English-language M.A. Program in Ottoman History.

Contemporary European and Greek History

Graduate Program in Contemporary European and Greek History (CEGH) runs successfully since 1993, while many of its graduate students, and later holders of PHd Degrees, are currently employed as University teachers, researchers or as members of Cultural and Educational Institutions both in Greece and abroad. Scientific and research work of our graduate students, and published versions of their master and doctorate theses have been favorably greeted (welcomed) by colleagues.

Art History

Studies and research in Art History have been one of the primary interests of the History & Archeology Department. The Art History Graduate Program has been unofficially running since September 1992 with the initiative of professor Nikos Hatjinikolaou, to be officially inaugurated a little later as the first Greek Graduate Program in Art History.