Conservation and physicochemical study of metal artifacts from the crusader period

During 8 September-15 October 2020 online classes will be streamed (live) and during 1-6 March 2021 a practical workshop will take place at Athens in Greece for the ‘CONSERVATION AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL STUDY OF METAL ARTIFACTS FROM THE CRUSADER PERIOD’. The course will be organized by the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University (NL), the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA), the Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea (Chalkis), and the Greek Research Centre/Laboratory ‘NCSR Demokritos’ at Athens.

This course provides a unique opportunity for BA, MA, RMA and PhD students to gain more knowledge and a hands-on experience in conservation of metal artifacts from the Crusader period.

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Deadline for application: 31 August 2020!