Carinci Post-doc Fellowship in Aegean Prehistory – Ca’ Foscari University Venice

Department of Humanities of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Centro Studi Archeologia Venezia (CeSAV)

The Institute for Aegean Prehistory

Filippo Maria Carinci Fellowship in Aegean Prehistory 2021

The Department of Humanities of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice promotes research in many fields, including archaeology, history, philology, literary studies, and art history. The Department, in collaboration with the Centre of Archaeological Studies in Venice (CeSAV), will host one Visiting Fellow in Aegean Prehistory during the academic year 2021/2022, funded through a generous donation by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) in honour of Professor Filippo Maria Carinci, on the occasion of his 70th birthday in 2018.

Art. 1 – Eligibility. The Visiting Fellowship is open to established scholars (of at least post-doctoral level), who will be working on a project related to the field of Aegean Prehistory as specified in INSTAP’s remit (i.e. from the Neolithic period to 776 BC). The Visiting Fellowship is open to both overseas and UK/EU residents.

Art. 2 – Duration of tenure. The duration is a minimum of 5 and up to a maximum of 8 weeks during term time in a normal academic year (between October 2021 and the beginning of June 2022, excluding Christmas and Easter Vacations). For dates of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice academic year and vacation please click HERE.

Art. 3 – Financial and other arrangements. The Visiting Fellowship carries an honorarium of € 4.900, which should also be used towards travel and accommodation expenses. The Department will offer help and advice on travel to and accommodation in Venice, but related expenses will be met by the appointed candidate through her/his honorarium. In addition to this honorarium, the appointed candidate will be offered shared office space in the University and will be able to use the University Libraries and other facilities.

Art. 4 – Duties of Visiting Fellow. The Visiting Fellow will be expected to engage in the research outlined in her/his application, and to deliver a lecture or a seminar during her/his tenure. The Visiting Fellow will also be expected to participate in the intellectual activities of the Department and the Ca’ Foscari University in general, and to acknowledge the Department and INSTAP in any publications emerging from her/his research in Venice.

Art. 5 – Method of application. Candidates should apply by e-mail, with the required enclosures/attachments:

   – Completed and signed application form
   – A statement of the research project to be carried out during the Fellowship (maximum of 1,000 words)
   – A short CV (maximum 8 sides of A4, using a font of 12pt size minimum)
   – Copy of an identity document   

No references are required.

Closing date for applications12 noon (Italy time), Monday 31 May 2021.

Please send your application by e-mail to:

Art. 6 – Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is composed of five members: three members of the CeSAV, the Director of the Department and the Director of the INSTAP.

Art. 7 – Publication of the selection results. The selection results of the application call will be published on the websites of the Department of Humanities and of the CeSAV.

Art. 8 – Declaration Concerning the Use of Personal Data. All personal information communicated by a candidate within her/his application will be treated with confidentiality and used only for the purposes associated with her/his assessment as a candidate for a Visiting fellowship. Ca’ Foscari is under obligation to respect Italian and EU legislation governing the protection of personal data. The only purpose of data collection during the application process is to gather the information necessary for candidates’ evaluation during the selection process.

To download the application form click HERE