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Curriculum vitae of Nicholas Stampolidis


Name: Nicholas
Surname: Stampolidis
Title: Professor
Department: History & Archaeology



Tel.: 28310 77339, 210 7228321

Fax: 28310 77338, 210 7239382

Brief Biography

Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis: first-class degree in History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; post-graduate studies at the University of Bonn, Germany; doctorate (summa cum laude) in Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki. Between 1984 and 1991 he was elected successively to the positions of Lecturer, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor. Since 1994 he has been Full-time Professor at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete, of which he also served as President (1991-1993). In 1994-1997 he was Dean of the University’s School of Philosophy. Co-director of the postgraduate program “The Ancient Greek World” and Director since 2005. He is also the Director of the Museum of Cycladic Art (N.P. Goulandris Foundation) in Athens. N. Stampolidis is the author of seven books, including The Altar of Dionysos on Cos (1981 and 1987), The Seal-Impressions from Delos (1992), Eleutherna III.1, 2, 3 (1993-1995), Reprisals (1996), Aegean Olympic Victors (2001). He has also edited fourteen books and volumes, Proceedings of International Symposia and Conferences, Catalogues for important Archaeological Exhibitions and Honorary volumes. In 9 out of the 14 books mentioned above he has contributed with Introductions, chapters and entries. His papers (56 in total) have been published in established Greek and international academic journals and conference proceedings. He has organized and curated big archaeological exhibitions, such as Eastern Mediterranean (1998 and 2001), The City Beneath the City (2000), Ploes … Sea Routes (2003), Magna Grecia (2004), Eleutherna: Polis-Acropolis-Necropolis (2004/5), Cycladi: Capolavori di una civiltà Egea (2006) in venues on Crete, in Athens, and Rome. He has excavated in Vergina, Akanthos, Rhodes and Crete. He has visited and studied various archaeological sites, Museums and their storage rooms in countries as Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Malta, Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), Vatican city, Spain, Morocco etc. He has organized International Symposia and Conferences and has edited their Proceedings, sometimes with the co-operation of colleagues. His research interests are extended to the following cognitive areas: Inter-relations between the Mediterranean Peoples in the Early Iron Age, Homeric Archaeology, Geometric and Archaic Periods, Hellenistic Sculpture and Architecture. Since 1985, he has undertaken a systematic excavation at ancient Eleutherna on Crete (West Section III). Honorary Distinctions: Member of the D.A.I. (Germany), Silver Medal of the University of Crete, Honorary Citizen of Eleutherna, Prize of Letters and Arts of the Church of Crete, 1st Prize of the Regional Government for his achievements at Eleutherna.  



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  • 2005, The Anthropology of Tomb A1K1 of Orthi Petra in Eleutherna. A narrative of the bones: Aspects of the Human Condition in Geometric-Archaic Eleutherna” by A. Agelarakis (publisher N. Chr. Stampolidis), Athens (in English).
  • 2007, Aegean Waves. Artworks of the Early Cycladic Culture in the Museum of Cycladic Art, Skira editions (in English) (with Peggy Sotiraklopoulou).
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  • 2008, From Titian to Pietro da Cortona. Myth, Poetry, and the Sacred …, Exhibition Catalogue edited by G. Morello and N. Stampolidis, Athens (in Greek, English and Italian).
  • 2009, Eros; From Hesiod’s Thegony to the Late Antiquity, Exhibition Catalogue, Athens (with Yorgos Tassoulas and contribution) (in Greek & English).


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