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Curriculum vitae of Aglaia Kasdagli


Name: Aglaia
Surname: Kasdagli
Title: Associate Professor
Department: History & Archaeology



Address: University Campus Gallou, Rethymno, Postal Code 74100  

Tel.: 0030 28310 773480030 28310 77348 

Fax: 0030 28310 77338   

Brief Biography

Born in Athens, 1952. BA in History and Archaeology, University of Athens. MA in the Social History of the Middle Ages, University of Birmingham (UK). PhD (Birmingham). Thesis on aspects of the economic and social history of the island of Naxos in the 17th century. The principal source was some 3000 notarial documents. I did research and taught at the University of Birmingham and the University of Aberdeen. Since 1994 I have been working at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete where I am currently an Assistant Professor in (Western) Medieval History. I have given lectures, seminars and communications at conferences or as a guest lecturer in various Universities and research centres in Greece and abroad. I have conducted archival searches in various Greek archives, as well as in Venice, the British Library and the manuscript collection of the Aberdeen University Library, where I catalogued the papers of the Scottish philhellene Thomas Gordon. I was in charge of a three-year project under the auspices of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH (Rethymno). The aim of the programme (which was co-sponsored by Alpha Bank) was the collection and procession of all published marriage contracts from all over Greece, 1500-1831. It is hoped that the outcome will provide a sound basis for the reconstruction of inheritance systems and the early modern Greek family, for tracing changes through time, and for interpreting the findings before proceeding to comparisons with societies geographically, chronologically and culturally apart. A database (in the English language) has being constructed and is due to appear on the Internet. In 2005 a new project starts off, entitled Geographic mobility and the diffusion of knowledge in the Agean sea during the long 17th century: the evidence of notarial documents. I am also involved in the translation of historical works from English into Greek. Among my research interests are comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to various aspects of economic and social history, concerning both western Europe and the Greek world during the medieval and early modern period. My special interest is agrarian history, inheritance systems and the history of the family.  


Books (selective)

  • 1999, Land and Marriage Settlements in the Aegean: A Case-Study of Seventeenth-Century Νaxos, Venice, 467 pp.

Articles (selective)

  • 2000, Gamilies paroches sti Venetokratoumeni Kriti kai allou: mia proti anagnosi ton kritikon proikoon eggrafon tis ysteris Venetokratias [Marriage prestations in Venetian Crete and elsewhere: a first reading of Cretan marriage contracts of the late Venetian period], in Acts of the 8th International Cretologic Conference, Irakleio, II1: 321-32.
  • 2000, Οι πολύχρωμες ψηφίδες των δημοσιευμένων νοταριακών εγγράφων και η επίπονη διαδικασία της ανάπλασης του ψηφιδωτού: συμβάσεις αγροληψίας στην Κρήτη της ύστερης Βενετοκρατίας, [The colourful tesserae of the published notarial documents and the laborious process of reconstructing the mosaic: contracts of land exploitaition in Crete of the late Venetian period], in Enthymisis Nikolaou M. Panayotaki [N.M. Panayotakis- In memoriam], Irakleio, 311-22.
  • 2004, Eggrammatosyni kai paideia sto Aigaio kata ton “skoteino” 17o aiona apo tis martyries ton notariakon eggrafon [Literacy and education in the Aegean during the “dark” seventeenth century. A first approach to the evidence of the notarial documents], in I Ellada ton nision apo tin Frangokratia os simera [Greece of the islands from the Frankish period to today], Athens, II.
  • 2004, Family and Inheritance in the Cyclades 1500-1800: Present knowledge and unanswered questions, Journal of Family History 9, 257-274.
  • ‘Dowry and Inheritance, Gender and Empowerment in the “Notarial Societies” of the Early Modern Greek World’, Conference on the theme Less favoured – more favoured in law and legal practice: Gender, power and authority, 12th – 19th centuries, organised by members of the electronic site Gender in European Legal History, 12th - 19th centuries, Copenhagen 27- 29 September 2004, 7 pp.
  • ‘Sexe et parenté dans les îles de l’ Égée (1500-1800) : le témoignage des actes notariés’, in Parenté et société dans le monde grec de l’ antiquité à l’ âge moderne, Α. Bresson, M.-P. Masson, S. Perentidis and J. Wilgaux (eds.), Bordeaux 2006 (Ausonius – Études 12), pp. 327-334.
  • ‘Notarial acts as sources for social and cultural history: the Greek world under Venetian ρule’ in Interdisciplinary Conference Unlocking the potential of texts: interdisciplinary perspectives on Medieval Greek, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities University of Cambridge, 18-19 July 2006. http://greek/gramarofmedievalgreek/unlocking/Kasdagli/html/
  • ‘Notarial Documents as a Source for Agrarian History’, in Davies S. and J.L.Davis, (eds.). Between Venice and Istanbul: Colonial Landscapes in Early Modern Greece, The American School of Cassical Studies at Athens, 2007: 55-70.
  • ‘Notarial archives concerning the Greek world: a chaotic and vastly unexplored wealth’, L'Homme. Europaeische Zeitschrift fuer Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft, 17 (2006/2 ): 141-144.
  • ‘Memoria collettiva e realtà sociale. Le famiglie nobili di Nasso dopo la caduta del ducato’, in Il ducato dellEgeo, Atti dellIncontro di Studio, Academia di Atene / IBE– Fondazione Nazionale delle Ricerche / IBE, Athens: 447-454.
  • «Nihil sub sole novum - ουδέν καινόν υπό τον ήλιον. Σκέψεις περί την ιστοριογραφία με αφορμή τους Κιστερκιανούς μοναχούς κατά τον κεντρικό Μεσαίωνα», in Μοναστήρια, οικονομία και πολιτική Από τους μεσαιωνικούς στους νεώτερους χρόνους, Ηλίας Κολοβός (ed.), Ηράκλειο 2011 (Πανεπιστημιακές Εκδόσεις Κρήτης): 31-51.
  • ‘Custom and law in the early modern Aegean islands: the case of marriage payments’,  Karin Gottschalk (ed.)., Gender Difference in European Legal Cultures. Historical  Perspectives. Dedicated to Heide Wunder on the occasion of her 70th birthday. Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2012.
  • «Ζώντας κοντά στο ηφαίστειο της Σαντορίνης, 1650-51 μ.Χ. Ώρα μηδέν … αλλά η ιστορία συνεχίζεται», in Αελλόπος: Τιμητικός τόμος για την Ίριδα Τζαχίλη, Ρέθυμνο [in print]: Ιστορική και Λαογραφική Εταιρεία Ρεθύμνης.
  • Custom, Tradition and “The Law” in the Post-Medieval Cyclades’, chapter 5 in Imperial Lineages and Legacies in the Eastern Mediterranean – Recording the Imprint of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Rule, Rhoads Murphy (ed.) [in pint], Farnham (U.K.): Ashgate Publishing, [20 pp.]