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Curriculum vitae of Iris Tzachili

Brief Biography

1994-2011: Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete

Co-Director of the excavation on the Minoan Peak Sanctuary of Vrysinas, Rethymnon

Director of the Centre of the Study of Ancient Textiles (ARTEX)

Areas of interest: Minoan Archaeology, prehistoric textiles, history of archaeology, Aegean Metallurgy


Main and recent publications

1 1980 "The crocuses of Santorini" in C. Doumas, ed. Thera and the Aegean World, II. London. 141-146

2 1986 "The Art of Weaving. Technical knowledge, Technical Evolution and social Organisation" in The Social and Economic Contexts of Technological Change. The World Archaeological Congress 1-7 September 1986, Southampton and London

3 1986 "Of Earrings, Swallows and Theran Ladies" in A. Bonnano ed. Archaeology and Fertility Cult in the Ancient Mediterranean, The University of Malta, 97-104

4 1990 "All important yet elusive: Looking for evidence of Cloth-Making at Akrotiri" in D.A. Hardy, C.G. Doumas, J.A. Sakellarakis, P.M. Warren eds, Thera and the Aegean World III,  vol. 1, London 380-389

5 1997 Υφαντική και υφάντρες στο προιστορικό Αιγαίο. 2000-1000 π.Χ. (Yfantike kai Yfantres sto Proistoriki Aigaio) Univeristy Press od Crete

6 1999 "Βefore sailing: The making of sails in the second millennium BC" in Ph. Betancourt, V. Karageorghis, R. Laffineur  and W.-D. Niemeier eds. Meletemata.Studies in Aegean Archaeology presented to Malcolm Wiener as he enters his 65th year: Aegeum 20: 857- 862

7 2000 "A 17th century eruption of the Santorini volcano" in E. Zachariadou, ed. Natural disasters in  Ottoman Empire : 193-205

8 2000 "Egyptian and Minoan Dress.Cultural diversities and complementarity"   in  A. Karetsou, ed. Aegean and Egypt : 71-77 (Catalogue of the exhibition in  Herakleion Museum, in greek) 

9 2002 "Circulation of Textiles in the Late Bronze Age Aegean", in A. Michailidou (ed.) Manufacture and measurement. Counting and recording craft items in early Aegean societies Athens

10 2002 “Counting and recording Textiles in the Mycenaean Archives of Knossos” in A. Michailidou (ed.)  Manufacture and measurement. Counting and recording craft items in early Aegean societies  Athens

11 2003 "Anthodokoi talaroi: The baskets of the crocus-gatherers from Xeste 3, Akrotiri, Thera"  in  L. Morgan ed. Studies in Memory of Mark Cameron Supplement in the Annual of the British School in Athens  

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15 2005 «Ferdinand Fouqué á Santorin» in P. Darcque, M. Fotiadis, O. Polychronopoulou (eds.) Mythos La préhistoire égéenne du XIX siècle au XXI siècle après  J.C. Actes de la table ronde internationale d’Athènes (21-22 novembre 2002) Βulletin de Correspondence Héllénique. Supplément 46, 199-207

16 2006 Οι αρχές της Αιγαιακής Προϊστορίας. Οι ανασκαφές στη Θήρα και τη Θηρασία τον 19ο αιώνα. Αθήνα, Εκδόσεις Καθημερινή (Excavations on Thera and Therassia in the 19th century (in greek)

17 2007 «Ποικίλα» στο Ακρωτήρι Θήρας. Δυτική Οικία. Τράπεζες, Λίθινα, Μετάλλινα, Ποικίλα (επιμ. Χ. Ντούμας) Αθήναι, Βιβλιοθήκη της εν Αθήναις Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας, 247-282 (poikila in Akrotiri Theras, Stone, metal and other objects) in greek

18 2007  “Weaving at Akrotiri, Thera. Defining Cloth-making Activities as a Social Process in a Late Bronze Age Aegean Town” στο C. Gillis και M.-L. Nosch (eds) Ancient Textiles. Production Craft and Society Oxford, Oxbow books, 190-196.

19 “Τhe archaeological visibility of weaving activities: The case of an Hellenistic Assemblage of Loomweights from Western Crete” στο Ν. Vogeikoff και K. Glowacki (eds) STEGA The Archaeology of Houses and Households in Crete from the Νeolithic Period to Roman Era Hesperia Supplement (in print)

20 I. Tzachili and Joanna Smith (Columbia University)  “Cloth in Crete and Cyprus” in  Parallel Lives. Ancient Island Societies in Crete and Cyprus  (in print) BSA Supplement (forthcoming)

21 Arachne (ed.) Occasional Publications for the History of costume and Textiles in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean (3) 2009