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Postgraduate Study Programs

The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete was the first such department in Greece to offer its students well-structured and organized postgraduate study programs in Classical Archaeology, Art History, Modern and Contemporary History and Turkish Studies.
The Department offers two types of postgraduate degrees: i) A first-cycle postgraduate degree (equivalent Masters Degree), ii) A doctoral degree (Ph.D.)
The following postgraduate programs are currently (2018) offered by the Department:

Postgraduate Study Programs in:

  • Ancient Mediterranean World: History and Archaeology with subdivisions in:
    • Classical Archaeology
    • Ancient History and
    • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Art History

Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Programs in:

  • Contemporary Greek and European History
  • Byzantine and Medieval Studies with subdivisions in:
    • Byzantine History
    • Western Medieval History
    • Byzantine Archaeology and Art History

Joint English-language M.A. Program in:

  • Ottoman History

All holders of degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences from any Greek or foreign university are eligible to apply for admission to a first-cycle postgraduate program. Selection is made on the basis of written and oral examinations and interviews. Good command of a foreign language is an absolute prerequisite for admission to a first-cycle postgraduate program. Exams are held each year during the last ten days of February and / or September. Details about entry exams and the number of places available are advertised by the beginning of December for the spring semester and by the beginning of May for the winter semester.
The minimum requirement for obtaining a first-cycle postgraduate degree is to complete successfully four seminars (six in Turkish Studies) and to write and defend a final thesis. However, certain programs have more requirements, such as participation in research activities.
The duration of the first-cycle postgraduate program is 5 semesters. The successful completion of the study program leads to the first-cycle postgraduate degree, which suggests specialization in one of the subject areas specified by the Department.
The second cycle of postgraduate studies aims to form scholars able to conduct research in the hummanities, and leads to the doctoral degree (Ph.D.). The first-cycle postgraduate degree or its equivalent is a prerequisite for students to be admitted as doctoral candidates.
The student proposes the subject of his/her dissertation to the General Assembly of the Department after having obtained the consent of one of the faculty members. The G.A. appoints the student's supervisor and two other members of the academic staff who specialize in the field, in order to help and supervise the student. When completed, the dissertation is defended before the Examining Committee. The dissertation has to be ready six semesters after its topic was approved.


Ancient Mediterranean World: History and Archaeology

History of Art

Ottoman History

Turkish Studies (no longer offered)

Byzantine and Medieval Studies

Contemporary Greek and European History

Archaeology - Computer Science (no longer offered)

Available Courses