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Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Institute For Mediterranean Studies

The Institute for Mediterranean Studies is located in Rethymnon. It was established in 1985, and since 1996 it has been housed in a restored Venetian building. It is the only Institute of FO.R.T.H. that focuses research on historical, philological and social studies. Its research programs pertain to two complementary and intersecting axes exploring, on the one hand, the relationship between modern Greece and its Mediterranean neighbours, and on the other, its affinities with its ancestors.

The internal research programs are classified under the following six categories: Turkish studies, Theatre Studies, Ethno-musicology, Art History (connected with the Dominicos Theotokopoulos Centre), History of Modern Greece and Language-Literature. The Institute hosts also external research programs, organizes conferences, exhibitions as well as scientific meetings, while contributing to the training of post-graduate students. Its library is specialized in Ottoman and Arabic studies as well as in Spanish and Italian art. The Institute owns a fully equipped archaeological remote sensing and documentary production laboratory.