CfP The 41st Annual Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Power, Knowledge and the Past 16 – 18th December 2019, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London

Call for papers: Excavating Archaeology – The Power of Process

The work of the archaeologist does not simply end when objects are lifted from the ground. Processes such as conservation, restoration, and subsequent de-restorations add physical layers to the surface of objects as we attempt to organise and interpret them. We also build up by adding metaphorical layers of meaning. Finds become enmeshed with other objects through the generation of archival records, practices of museum storage and display, and through the making of reproductions.
This panel invites interdisciplinary commentators from the fields of archaeology, conservation, museum studies, and beyond to discuss the fundamental methodological questions of where and how we construct archaeological knowledge. Papers could consider, but are not limited to:

  • The production of knowledge in the archaeological record and excavations in the archive
  • The use of reproduction-making in learning about the past
  • Restoration and de-restoration as shaping perceptions of ancient objects and societies
  • Conservation as interpretation
  • Ethnography as a tool for excavating archaeological knowledge.

Please submit 250 word abstracts to convenors Abbey Ellis ( and Beth Hodgett ( before 2nd September 2019.
For further information, please see the poster and the TAG@UCL-IoA website.