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Department's Committees

Directors of Sections

Section of Ancient and Medieval History: Antonia Kioussopoulou

Section of Modern and Contemporary History: Socrates Petmezas

Section of Archaeology and History of Art: Pavlina Karanastassis


Internship Responsible: Konstantinos Moustakas


International Relations-Erasmus Responsible: Katerina Panagopoulou


Study Consultants: Elias Kolovos (replaced by Titina Kornezou for the winter semester of academic year 2014-2015, during which he is on sabbatical leave), Demetrios Kyritses


Safety Committee (Facilities): Nena Galanidou, Dimitris Bosnakis, Yiannis Kokkinakis


Library Committee: Aglaia Kasdagli


Members of the UoC Research Committee: Eleni Sakellariou, Demetrios Kyritses


Curriculum Committee: Antonis Anastasopoulous, Efi Avdela, Demetrios Kyritses, Christina Tsigonaki


ΟΜΕΑ (Department's Evaluation Committee): Pavlina Karanastassis, Socrates Petmezas, Antonis Anastasopoulous, Demetrios Kyritses, Eleni Sakellariou


Postgraduate Studies Committee: Eugenios Matthiopoulos, Antonis Anastasopoulous


Internet and Department's Website Responsible: Vassiliki Foskolou