Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference 5 Call for Papers

The Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference Committee is delighted to announce our Call for Papers for our Fifth Annual Conference! We aim to provide a forum for archaeology and heritage students at any stage of their education to discuss their research interests in a productive and enriching environment!

This year’s topic is ‘Crisis and Resilience’. Archaeological evidence has illuminated many crises the past societies withstood, be it climate change, natural disaster, plague or warfare. It is our job as archaeologists to not only identify how these crises had impacts on past societies but also understand how people tackled such devastation and moved forward. Such explorations of the past aim to illuminate the present and beyond. The key question we ought to ask is: what can we learn from the past that will help us now and in the future?

CASA is a student-run conference, supported by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. The conference has six themed-sessions, led by young researchers from across the world. Meanwhile, we are offering something different this year. To include as many exciting research projects as possible, we will have an open session to host papers that do not fall into any of the themed-sessions but relate to the overarching theme of Crisis and Resilience. Moreover, there will be a panel discussion with established archaeologists to close the conference off.

The sessions themes are as follows:

  • Health, Disease, and Population Demographics – Methodology for Exploring Resilience in Populations of the Past 
  • Crisis and Opportunity: Probes into the Crisis-induced “New Normal(s)” of Subsistence Economies During Times of Change
  • Rethinking Crisis: Archaeological Perspectives on Humans, Non-humans and Environments from the Late Pleistocene Onwards
  • Resilient Traditions: What to Learn and How to Share
  • Inequality and Dynamism in Social Relations in Times of Crisis: Archaeology of Other Voices
  • Postcolonialism, Coloniality and Decolonisation: Crisis in the Discipline of Heritage Studies in Post-colonial Contexts
  • Open Session (for any paper that does not fall into any of the themed-sessions but relates to the main theme “Crisis and Resilience”)

This year’s conference will be held in a hybrid format. Paper can be given in person or on Zoom with discussion following each session. We aim to conduct a hybrid event to allow for maximal participation and to better manage the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Excellent student prizes are on offer for the best presentations.  

We would like any applications to indicate preferences for hybrid events as well as indications for whether you would like to receive subsidies for lodging if you intend to travel to Cambridge.

Where is the conference?

Hybrid conference on Zoom and in person at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

When is the confonference?

16th – 18th September 

Paper Submission deadline

15th July 2022

How can I submit my abstract proposal?

Please fill in the linked form to submit your abstract

More information?

Please follow us Facebook ( Twitter ( and Instagram ( for more updates, 

or email if you have any further questions or queries.

And visit the CASA Official Webpage

We look forward to your applications and seeing you in September!

Warm Regards,

The CASA Committee