2-year Master Archaeology in Groningen, Online information session, Fri 26/11/2022, 12.00 CET

The programme has been elected twice the best Archaeology graduate programme in the Netherlands. It is given entirely in English and has a broad geographical and chronological coverage – from the Arctic and North-western Europe to the Mediterranean and the Near East, from the Mesolithic to historical archaeology. And of course students can specialize in Aegean prehistory, the Hellenistic and Roman periods in the central and eastern Mediterranean and the Near/Middle East.

Teaching is done in small groups of 10 – 15 students; there is a strong taught element with courses (on the Anthropocene, archaeological theory, settlement and landscape archaeology, material culture and archaeological science, mortuary archaeology, professional skills) designed especially for the 2-year programme. Students acquire a thorough understanding of key debates in archaeology, develop a critical attitude and obtain essential research, organizational and networking skills.

Most importantly, students can tailor the programme to their needs and special interests – for instance, by using the excellent reference collections (zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, pollen analysis) and research facilities (GIS lab). Students can specialize in landscape archaeology, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, pollen analysis, mortuary archaeology, osteoarchaeology, material culture studies, digital technologies (i.a. GIS, drone-mapping, 3D modelling, Virtual Reality) and archaeological science (i.a. radiocarbon analysis, Bayesian chronological modelling, isotopic analysis, soil micromorphology).

Employment rates among our recent graduates are very high, with many of them getting competitive PhD positions in the Netherlands and abroad, or getting leading positions in the heritage and public sector.

Groningen is a friendly, lively and very safe city with many international students, and has been voted one of the 20 best small cities in the world. The Groningen Institute of Archaeology is situated at the heart of the city. The fees are € 1084 for EU citizens, and € 13216 for non-EU citizens per year.

For more information on the programme, students can: